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The Center will be university-based at the National University of Singapore (NUS), in partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology (GT), industry, and government.

Center for Next Generation Logistics Initiative

Creating Supply Chains that are more Intelligent Adaptive Automated

The Whitepaper

Center for Next Generation Logistics

Tomorrow’s competitive landscape will require more intelligent, adaptive, and automated supply chains. Competitive pressures to improve the performance of global supply chains continue unabated and what constitutes "performance" has expanded to include not only efficiency, but also the mitigation of a variety of risks. Such an environment offers significant opportunity for use-inspired knowledge discovery and its translation into the innovations that can have transformative economic and societal impact when commercialized or incorporated into a public sector function.

As the pace of change in global supply chain operations, design, and strategy continues to increase, we believe their is a strong need for the public sector to help shape the future of the logistics industry.

Download the Whitepaper [PDF - 1.3MB]