About the Center

University-based at the National University of Singapore (NUS), in partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology (GT), industry, and government

Center Purpose

To enhance the value of doing business in Singapore by:

Helping to reduce the cost, time, and risk of moving from knowledge discovery to innovation and commercialization in supply chain and logistics (SC&L) systems.

From knowledge discovery to innovation & commercialization

Better harnessing the intellectual and creative capabilities of Academia for service to society through SC&L research and innovation (R&I) by promoting:

  • SC&L research with a translational and interdisciplinary focus
  • Direct and active research partnerships with industry and governmental agencies
  • A healthy academic research ecosystem that motivates discovery for innovation potential.

Focusing SC&L R&I in the following key directions:

  • Data analytics and real-time data-driven decision-making in supply chains, for both supply chain operation and design
  • Automation in supply chains
  • Future port city development to create value for national economic development.

Center Roles & Activities

  1. Identify where innovation and knowledge discovery are most needed and accelerating the process from knowledge discovery to innovation and commercialization
  2. Serve as a facilitator between researchers, government, industry, and the venture capital community
  3. Provide policy impact analysis for the public sector
  4. Provide operations and strategic analysis for projects for the private sector
  5. Monitor and identify trends useful for operations, strategy, policy, and innovation
  6. Serve as R&I thought leaders
  7. Support the educational mission of NUS and GT, which includes: providing experiential learning experiences for students in professional MS degree and Ph.D. programs and giving guidance for student projects focused on specific industry or agency challenges.